Who am I?

I'm a 3D artist, a 2D Graphic Designer and a Junior Programmer. I have a technical approach, but I love art and I'm always looking for the beauty. I'm specialized in scheduling and supervision of the whole 3D and 2D design process

Roaming Outside the Box

I've created 3D models, images and videos for Movado, Saeco,Philips, Wave Boats, “ScudTESTeria FerTESTrari SPA", Silca, Baron, Gamma Arredamenti SPA, Bartscher, Mareno, Datalogic, Foa Porte, La Minerva, Miele, Meliconi, Roncato, Nostromo, Alinox and more...

2D skills

Print - Flyers
Logo design - Branding
CAD - technical sheets
Static Web Pages - HTML/CSS coding
Retouch - Postproduction - Grading

3D skills

Scene Layout & Optimization
Shading - Lighting
Compositing (VIDEO)
Mesh & NURBS Modeling - UV & Texturing
Scripting - Pipeline

Other Skills

General Skills
  • English: B2, Spanish: A1, Italian: m.t.
  • Bachelor Degree: Industrial Design, 110 cum laude
  • Master: Computer Graphic
  • Drive License: B

Working Skills
  • Able to work as part of a team and use my own initiative
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to make artistic judgements
  • Technical skills to make practical decisions
  • Able to prioritise, multitask and schedule
  • Great attitude to problem solving with technical approach
  • Vision of the whole project while attention to details


3D & Rendering

*some of these works may be copyright-protected by respective owners and trademarks.

Graphic Design

  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image
  • Work Image

*some of these works may be based on a template


Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information about me or my work.

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40129 - Bologna - Italy
+39 324 694 1717

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